Regional Engagement

"F&M IN": Your Local F&M Community

F&M alumni live all over the country and across the globe! Regional volunteers work together with the Office of Alumni Engagement to plan and execute local gatherings, labeled "F&M IN," which are an ongoing source of enrichment and a great way to sustain lifelong relationships with fellow alumni.

See What's Going On in Your Area

We invite you to explore the vibrant world of Diplomats in your local community! "F&M In" offers a fantastic opportunity for you to connect with fellow alumni and engage with the global network you once called home.
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Serve as a Regional Volunteer

Looking to bring your local F&M network together and/or meet some new Diplomat friends in your area? Or, are you interested in serving as a volunteer in order to gain new skills and give back? There are plenty of ways to connect with and support F&M — from wherever you happen to be! 

“F&M in” regional events bring alumni, parents, and friends of the College together for networking, professional development, social activities, lifelong learning, and community service. They are a great way to build relationships among members of the F&M community both personally and professionally. But they can’t happen without volunteer support!

There are two ways you can serve as a Regional Volunteer:

1. Share your idea for a great gathering in your area. If you have an idea for an "F&M in" event, let us know about it! Alumni Relations will talk with you to find out more, determine feasibility, get the word out, and provide additional assistance when possible.

2. Join our Regional Volunteer email list! If you’d prefer to be contacted when an “F&M in” event is already in the works in your area to see where you might fit into the mix, add your name to “The List.” We’ll be in touch to let you know about upcoming opportunities, with a specific request detailing how you can be involved as a volunteer.

Ready to bring your local alumni community together face-to-face?


“F&M in” regional events may include faculty speakers, cultural experiences, professional networking, social activities, athletic events, and family-friendly outings. Wondering where we’ve held regional events in the past? Below is just a sampling of locations where F&M community members have been connecting with one another: 

Annapolis, Md. Fort Myers, Fla. San Francisco, Calif.
Scottsdale, Ariz. Houston, Texas Los Angeles, Calif.
Atlanta, Ga. The Lehigh Valley, Pa. Durham, N.C.
Boston, Mass. Morristown, N.J. Seattle, Wash.
Chicago, Ill. New York City, N.Y. Washington, D.C.
Denver, Colo. St. Paul, Minn. Dayton, Ohio
Mystic, Conn, Portland, Ore. London, U.K.
Dallas, Texas Philadelphia, Pa. Beijing, China
Wilmington, Del. Pittsburgh, Pa …and more!


(Re)Connect Online

Get in touch with a long-lost friend or make a new one! Search for classmates and connections in the alumni directory (view instructions for accessing the Alumni Directory for the first time) and take your networking one step further on the True Blue Network. Location filters allow you to find other F&M alumni close by or search based on occupation/industry, college major or any number of additional categories.


Contact Jenn Gallagher, associate director of alumni engagement, at or 717-358-4792.

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