How F&M Does the Liberal Arts

Meaning “both/and,” the ampersand in the middle of our College's name is the purpose — and the power — of the liberal arts: recognizing and forming connections between things that at first don’t seem to go together.

What Does Liberal Arts Mean?

A liberal arts education focuses on exploring a wide range of fields while building skills in reading, writing, thinking, analyzing, debating and active listening. While this concept dates back to the 5th century BC, the liberal arts have evolved alongside humanity, inspiring investigation into the eternal human condition and our collective future. You’ll study the humanities, arts, social sciences, and natural sciences; research enduring questions and pressing problems; and form a strong foundation of the skills and tools you need to navigate the most central concerns of your life, work, and citizenship.

Uncovering Connections

The curriculum at F&M is called “Connections.”
A true representation of a liberal arts education, our Connections curriculum encourages you to strive beyond traditional boundaries and limits and make connections: connections between disciplines that on the surface don’t seem related, connections between theory and practice, connections with other students and faculty, and connections between your liberal arts education and the world.

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The Core Elements of the Liberal Arts

Menelaos Raptis, astrophysics

The Sciences

Vibrant and inclusive, the sciences at F&M cross boundaries and weave subjects together in ways you didn’t know were possible. As a future scientist, you’ll find we’re committed to your education by providing a place of discovery and forming a culture of collaboration along the path to scientific discovery. 


Tibetan Sand Mandala Creation


When you study humanities at F&M, you’ll engage with the full range of human culture and experiences. By studying art and art history, languages, music, philosophy, religion and more, you’ll gain an intricate understanding of how each aspect of human society and culture connects.  



Dance Concert rehearsal

The Arts

At F&M, you’ll study technique and composition, theory and practice, and critique and analysis — but you’ll also have the opportunity to develop your own creative talents and skills. Faculty are committed to helping you stage your own play, compose your own music, choreograph your own dance moves, write your own novel, exhibit your own art, or produce your own film. 


Psychology research

The Social Sciences

Social sciences at F&M will help you develop a specialized understanding of societies, culture, and the human impact on our world. You’ll have opportunities to work side-by-side with deeply engaged faculty, collect and analyze data and investigate your own theories in fields such as economics, government, anthropology, archaeology, and history. 


Embracing the Ampersand: Interdisciplinary Programs

An interdisciplinary program surpasses traditional academic boundaries by blending several fields of study into one. These programs allow you to embrace the ampersand at the heart of F&M’s liberal arts model of teaching and learning and create a personalized and highly adaptable academic experience.

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