Interdisciplinary Fields of Study

An interdisciplinary subject surpasses traditional academic boundaries by blending several fields of study into one. These fields allow you to embrace the ampersand at the heart of F&M’s liberal arts model of teaching and learning and create a personalized and highly adaptable academic experience.

Embrace the Ampersand

The ampersand in the middle of our College’s name symbolizes the rich space of possibility that awaits you here. Meaning “both/and,” the ampersand is the purpose — and the power — of the liberal arts: recognizing and forming connections between things that at first glance don't seem to go together. 

Interdisciplinary subjects — or subjects that combine two or more fields of study — exemplify F&M’s connective spirit. These programs empower you to say “both/and,” challenge disciplinary boundaries and create an academic experience that’s unique to your passions and goals. 

Begin shaping your path by exploring some of the many interdisciplinary fields we offer.

Africana Studies

Study the range of interrelated histories, cultures, and intellectual contributions of Africans and those of African origin, from the cradle of humankind to present-day hip hop. You’ll enjoy an intricately blended education, as numerous other F&M programs contribute to Africana Studies, including American studies, anthropology, economics, English, French, government, history, music, religious studies and sociology.

American Studies

American Studies is the oldest interdisciplinary major at F&M. Unlike traditional majors, American Studies allows you to combine and cross academic fields in your study of American culture, past and present. You’ll explore a rich array of courses drawn from nine academic departments beyond American Studies, including history; religious studies; art; music; Africana Studies; women’s, gender and sexuality studies; and more.

Animal Behavior Studies

Animal Behavior Studies blends psychology and biology to study the biological and social reasons for animal behavior, as well as how these behaviors affect the world around us in terms of conservation, education, and the environment.

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at F&M focuses on the structure and function of biomolecules, which are the metabolic machinery of the cell and control its underlying genetics. Coursework in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology combines biology and chemistry so you can learn how to manipulate and study biomolecules.


Bioinformatics is a rapidly-expanding field that combines the study of biology, chemistry, computer science, and applied mathematics. By studying bioinformatics at F&M, you’ll explore how to develop methods and software tools for understanding biological data.

Cognitive Science

Explore the nature and function of the mind — human, animal, or artificial. When you study cognitive science at F&M, you’ll employ intellectual tools from philosophy, computer science, psychology, biology, and more to understand the nature of the mind and how it works, functions, and behaves.

Comparative Literary Studies

Explore the power of literature to express the diversity of human experiences across time and space, and consider the ways in which poetry, prose, and stage performances have shaped different cultures and civilizations. You’ll enjoy courses on Chinese poetry, Japanese pop culture, the Russian novel, Medieval epics, world theatre, and more.

Data Science

Data science draws on mathematics, statistics, and computer science to study data and extract meaningful insights to help you better understand the world. As a data science student at F&M, you’ll develop in-demand skills such as analytical reasoning and critical thinking, explore ethical questions, and hone your communication skills so you can share your findings with others.

Earth & Environmental Science

Explore today’s critical environmental issues through a scientific lens. By blending perspectives and foundational knowledge from geology, biology, and chemistry, Earth & Environmental Science will prepare you to evaluate and address key geological and environmental challenges and opportunities by helping you develop critical, science-based skills to solve problems, manage and protect natural resources, and make informed decisions.

Environmental Studies

As an environmental studies student, you’ll study critical issues of our times: global warming and climate change, environmental justice, alternative energy sources, wilderness protection, ecotourism, and natural resource management. By blending knowledge of environmental policy and science with environmental economics, government, anthropology, business, history, and more, you’ll develop a deep foundation in environmental knowledge and perspectives.

International Studies

Meet the challenges of an increasingly interconnected world and engage its diverse communities. With courses in government, music, business, environmental studies, and more, you’ll develop a global perspective and immerse yourself in the languages and cultures of non-English-speaking countries and regions.

Judaic Studies

From its origins to the present day, Judaic Studies at F&M provides a comprehensive introduction to the religious, cultural, and political traditions and experiences of Jewish life. You can tailor your studies by choosing from courses within any other existing major offered at F&M, in particular those examining the history and culture of Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Americas.

LatinX and Latin American Studies

Learn about Latin American and Latinx cultures in relation to relevant themes of our time, including migration, race and gender. You can tailor your studies by choosing from courses within anthropology, environmental studies, government, history, American Studies, and Spanish that relate to Latin American and Latinx experiences and culture.

Moral Psychology

What leads people to engage in selfless — or selfish — acts? By studying moral psychology at F&M, you’ll investigate the psychological processes of humans in moral contexts through a blended lens of philosophy, psychology, sociology, government, religious studies, and more.


As a student of neuroscience at F&M, you will not only learn how the brain works, but contribute to the ever-growing body of information on this unique organ. Using a blend of knowledge and tools taken from the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and psychology, you’ll develop a rich understanding of both the physical and behavioral functions of the brain.

Public Health

Challenge assumptions and structures as you develop a deep moral intelligence concerning public health around the globe. Blending perspectives from biology; sociology; government; psychology; women’s, gender and sexuality studies; and more, you’ll study the principles and history of public health, the burden of disease, how to measure health, health in the context of human rights, the health of communities and how it is affected by community-based action, and more.

Public Policy

When you study public policy at F&M, you’ll explore the methods and institutions through which governments, economies, and societies work together to support, regulate, protect, and communicate with diverse communities. Much of your coursework will cross into other programs, allowing you to study public policy through a blended lens of economics, government, philosophy, and more.

Religious Studies

As a religious studies student at F&M, you will have the opportunity to study numerous belief systems, including American religions, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Islam, while challenging your own perceptions and those of the world around you. Through a blended lens of humanities and social sciences, you will engage in unbiased studies and analyses of a variety of religious traditions embedded in myth, ritual, art, ethics, doctrine, philosophy, and literature.

Darwin Collection

Science, Technology and Society

Science, Technology and Society is an innovative program at F&M that investigates the nature of science and technology, the history and philosophy of science, and how science, technology and human society interconnect. The program is specially designed to offer you distinctive opportunities to take control of your education and customize your experience to your learning goals by combining the field with another discipline.

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International F&Mists student panel

Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Examine diverse perspectives on gender and sexuality from a variety of academic approaches and in dialogue with popular culture, feminist activism, and lived experience. Unlike other programs — which focus solely on the West or on the United States — F&M's global focus weaves together a unique blend of lenses including languages, psychology, biology, sociology, history, anthropology, American studies, film and media, and more.

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More Ways to Customize Your Academic Experience

Double and Joint Majors

More than a third of our students build a unique educational experience tailored to their specific interests and career goals by declaring more than one major or designing a special studies or joint major.

Examples of Joint Majors
  • Environmental Studies & Government
  • Public Policy & Sociology
  • Dance & International Studies
  • Business, Organizations and Society & Art History
  • Film and Media Studies & Music
Examples of Special Studies Majors
  • Consumer Behavior
  • History of Medicine
  • Biocultural Studies of Gender
  • Urban Inequality and Education Studies
  • Ethics, Law, and Business

Choosing your major occurs in phase three of our Connections curriculum. A true representation of a liberal arts education, our Connections curriculum encourages you to strive beyond traditional boundaries and limits and make connections: connections between disciplines that on the surface don’t seem related, connections between theory and practice, connections with other students and faculty, and connections between your liberal arts education and the world.

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Certificates are supplemental educational pathways you can pursue at F&M. Certificates are not tied to your major or minor, but are credentials you can add to your resume to demonstrate a specialized level of training and education in a particular area. There are several certificates available at F&M, each one an incubator of innovation exploring a new field of study that uniquely blends perspectives from multiple disciplines.
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