Find Your Path

A key element of F&M’s liberal arts model encourages you to explore a variety of courses and disciplines before choosing a major. With 58 undergraduate fields of study at F&M, you’ll have room to explore your favorite subjects while discovering new ones, too!

Interdisciplinary Fields of Study

An interdisciplinary subject surpasses traditional academic boundaries by blending several fields of study into one. These fields allow you to embrace the ampersand at the heart of F&M’s liberal arts model of teaching and learning and create a personalized and highly adaptable academic experience.

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Certificates are supplemental educational pathways you can pursue at F&M. Certificates are not tied to your major or minor, but are credentials you can add to your resume to demonstrate a specialized level of training and education in a particular area. There are several certificates available at F&M, each one an incubator of innovation exploring a new field of study that uniquely blends perspectives from multiple disciplines.

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What Makes F&M Different?

If you want to take control of your education, engage, test ideas and stand out, F&M is the place for you. You’ll embark on an educational journey that’s unique to you, exploring sciences, arts, humanities and social sciences and gaining the confidence to pursue whatever you dream.

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