Multipurpose Spaces

Booth Ferris in Steinman College Center

Booth Ferris is a multipurpose space located in the Steinman College Center. Booth Ferris can be used as one large space or divided into two rooms. This laptop-ready multi-purpose room is equipped with HDMI, USB-C, and VGA cables, a Blu-ray Disc player, and a touch-panel controller. If using the space as a whole, A/V for both rooms can be combined and controlled centrally for one unified event. 

Booth Ferris in Steinman College Center

Catering Suite in Benjamin Franklin Dining Hall

The Catering Suite is located in the Benjamin Franklin Dining Hall. This large laptop-ready multi-purpose space is equipped with HDMI and USB-C cables; a Blu-ray Disc player; and an audio system, including wired microphone inputs; and push-button controls. 


Alumni Sports and Fitness Center

The Alumni Sports & Fitness Center — "ASFC” for short — is F&M's multipurpose athletic complex. This large space can host a variety of events outside of athletics, from graduation ceremonies to career fairs. 


Mayser Gymnasium

Mayser Gymnasium's 3,200-seat basketball court is a versatile space that can host wide variety of events, including F&M's Common Hour and community festivals.

Get in Touch

Before contacting our office, please determine what type of event you have in mind, the number of guests attending and what services you would be interested in (e.g., catering, physical support, etc). Questions can be directed to the Director of Conference & Events at 717-358-4747.