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Visual Identity Guide (Style Guide)

A consistent visual identity ensures that the messaging, mission and core values of Franklin & Marshall College are aligned consistently throughout the institution through a cohesive visual framework that represents who we are.

Adhering to a consistent and cohesive visual identity for all of the College's electronic and print publications is critical to sustaining and building Franklin & Marshall's "brand" recognition. It ensures that the strengths of all the Colleges academic and programmatic initiatives area appropriately affiliated with Franklin & Marshall, benefitting every member of the community—whether you are recruiting students or faculty, engaging in alumni or philanthropic outreach, or collaborating with business, research, civic or policy partners.

Please download the College's Visual Identity Guide, which outlines the College's policies for the visual use of Franklin & Marshall's marks.

The elements of the visual identity system are:

  • Franklin & Marshall College logo and all authorized variations

  • Franklin & Marshall College colors

  • Franklin & Marshall College typefaces

--> Download the Guide

Given the evolving nature of print and multimedia communications, cases may arise that are not covered by this manual. If you have questions, please contact Jason Klinger, Assistant Vice President of Marketing, Content and Creative, 717-358-3913.

Athletics logos and marks

Guidelines for use of Franklin & Marshall's athletics marks, specifically the Diplomats logo, are outlined in the Franklin & Marshall College Athletics Identity Guide.


All requests to license the College logo or marks for use on goods or products that will be manufactured by a commercial merchant or vendor, including products for "give-aways" or intended to be sold for profit (hats, T-shirts, pins, keychains, etc.), are subject to the College's Licensing Policy.

Policy maintained by: Assistant Vice President of Content, Marketing and Creative
Last Update: February 2024