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Policy on Charitable Contributions Made by Franklin & Marshall College


Franklin and Marshall College is committed to contributing to the quality of life in the Lancaster community that furthers its values and academic mission. This commitment is demonstrated through volunteerism on the part of administrators, faculty, staff, and students and through the financial support and assistance provided to community and service organizations.

Faculty, staff and students may be solicited from time to time by a charitable organization for F&M to make a financial donation or donation of property to them. The College will not ordinarily make donations due to its own non-profit status but from time to time will provide a financial contribution or contribution of property to them. In an effort to provide this support and assistance, all charitable contribution requests made on behalf of the College must be approved by the Director of the Office of the President.

Note that this policy does not apply to donations made to political organizations. Not-for-profit institutions organized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code—-like Franklin and Marshall College—-are prohibited from making political donations. Any form of political donation is strictly forbidden. There is no exception to this policy. The following contributions are unallowable:

    1. Payments to political candidates

    2. Employee reimbursement for political contributions

    3. Advertising in political programs

    4. Admission to any dinner or program (including testimonial dinners, receptions, and sporting events) if any part of the proceeds of the event directly or indirectly inures to the use of a political party or a political candidate

    5. Admission to any event that is identified with a political party or candidate including tickets to fund-raising events

    6. Lobbying portion of dues to professional organizations that are otherwise allowable.


Requests for contributions by the College must be submitted to the Director of the Office of the President with the organization, organization's contact information, purpose of the donation, amount and a summary of how it aligns with F&M's values and academic mission. If approved, the Director of the Office of the President will initiate payment with the Business Office where it will be charged to an account designated for charitable contributions. All charitable contributions will be funded by non-tuition sources.

Policy Maintained by: Finance and Administration, Vice President for Finance and Administration
Last Reviewed: July 19, 2023