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Employment Records and Notification of Changes Policy

The College maintains employment-related records and files for all members of the faculty and staff. Employment records are considered confidential, and relevant information is only shared with those who have a business need-to-know. Human Resources does not release personal information about employees, former employees, or retirees except at the written request of the individual or as required by law.

Employee Access to Personnel Files

An employee may review their personnel file. An employee who wishes to review their personnel file is asked to schedule an appointment in advance with a Human Resources Administrator. Personnel files may not be removed from the Human Resources office.

Reporting Changes

Faculty, professional staff, department chairs, and managers are asked to help assure personnel records and payroll records are accurate and up-to-date.

Status / Benefits-related Changes-- Human Resources must be promptly notified by a member of the faculty or staff who experiences a status change that may impact eligibility for benefits coverage, including:

  • marriage

  • divorce

  • birth or adoption of a child

  • death of a dependent

  • a child's loss of benefits eligibility due to age

  • employment status change (such as a reduction in working hours)

  • leave of absence

  • resignation

Such changes must be reported to Human Resources, as far in advance as possible.

Change of Name or Address-- Faculty and staff are also asked to assure their legal name, mailing address, phone number, and emergency contact information on record with Human Resources is up-to-date and accurate. Address and phone number changes may be made through myDiplomat or by calling Human Resources. An employee who wishes to change their legal name is to provide Human Resources with a copy of the updated Social Security card and W4 tax form showing the new name.

Employment-related Changes-- Department chairs and department managers are asked to promptly notify either the Office of the Provost (for faculty members) or Human Resources (for staff members) whenever a member of their department experiences a change in the terms of their employment, such as:

  • a job title change or promotion *

  • a change in department

  • a salary account change

  • a change in reporting relationship (a different supervisor)

  • a change in the scheduled number of weekly or annual work hours

  • a salary change *

  • to initiate payment of a stipend

  • a leave of absence

  • resignation or retirement

* All staff promotions and changes to compensation must be authorized in advance by the applicable Senior Officer and the Vice President for Finance and Administration. Procedures pertaining to faculty promotions, salary changes, and leaves of absence are coordinated through the Provost's Office and outlined in the Faculty Handbook.

Change in Status from Full Time to Part Time

Full-time employment must generally be followed by retirement or a 26-week break in service in order to change to part time status.

Former Employees / Employment References

A former Franklin & Marshall employee's personal information (address, phone number, new place of employment, etc.) is kept confidential. Any requests for such information, including requests for an employment reference, are to be forwarded to Human Resources. When Human Resources receives a request for an employment reference, former job title(s) and dates of service will be provided. Former employees who would like Franklin & Marshall to provide a more detailed employment reference must provide Human Resources with a signed statement, authorizing the College to release employment-related information to prospective employers. College employees are asked not to provide employment references on behalf of Franklin & Marshall College, including through social networking sites.

Policy Maintained by: Human Resources, Associate Vice President
Last Reviewed: December 16, 2022