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Faculty Childbirth/Adoption Policy

The philosophical basis of these policies is the following: adoption, pregnancy, childbirth and recovery, and the substantial care required by an infant should not disadvantage a faculty member in the long term as regards: (1) compensation, (2) procedures concerning faculty evaluation, retention, interim review, tenure, or promotion, or (3) opportunities for her/his professional activity and development associated with her/his role as a faculty member as she/he deems desirable and appropriate.

The above statement is one of principles and is not a guarantee of such outcome

A. Eligibility

Benefits of this policy apply to tenure-track and tenured faculty, including:

  1. a tenure-track or tenured faculty member who gives birth or adopts a child; or

  2. a tenure-track or tenured faculty member whose spouse / partner gives birth or adopts a child.

B. Benefits
  1. Consistent with the principles stated above, an eligible tenure-track faculty member automatically receives an extension to the tenure probationary period of one year, per birth or adoption, up to two times within the probationary timeframe. This extension will be automatic unless otherwise directed by the faculty member by April 1 of the year prior to the original tenure decision year.

  2. When an eligible faculty member as defined above learns that she/he is going to become a parent, she/he may elect to receive up to a two-course reduction in her/his teaching load with no reduction in base salary or applicable benefits coverage. The faculty member may take the total two-course reduction during the semester in which the birth or adoption will occur; the semester following the birth or adoption; or may spread the two-course reduction over two semesters (i.e., a one-course reduction each semester). There is no expectation of departmental or College duties during a semester where there is a two-course reduction; however, when the two-course reduction is spread out over two semesters, during one of those semesters the faculty member will be expected to contribute to departmental and College governance, as determined by the Department, Faculty Council, and the Provost's Office.

  3. In the case of faculty who are parents of the same child, the course reduction options may be shared if both faculty members are in a shared/split position at the College and both will serve as the primary caregiver; however, the total reduction in teaching may not exceed two courses per child.

C. Leave Policies

Leave time for faculty under this policy runs concurrently with the College's Family and Medical Leave Policy.

Leave under this policy will be administered by the Human Resources Department in conjunction with the Provost's Office.

D. Modification or Termination of Policy

This policy can be modified or terminated at the discretion of the College, following consultation with Faculty Council.

E. Procedures

A faculty member who wishes to request a schedule modification due to childbirth or adoption is asked to complete an "Application for Schedule Modification or Other Adjustment" and submit it to the Office of the Provost. Applications are available in the Office of the Provost.

Department chairs should request replacement faculty through normal Office of the Provost procedures.

Additional Information

Academic responsibilities and family issues, as they relate to academic responsibilities, should be discussed with the Provost. The Provost may arrange for further discussions with a faculty member who has shared experiences relevant to the family issue, in a mentorship role, as appropriate, and if requested by the faculty member.

Other leave time may be available, based on College policies, for female faculty members during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. If a leave is needed for medical reasons, the College's Paid Sick Leave Policy for Faculty applies.

Note: These policies apply to a faculty biological mother. They also cover a faculty adoptive mother, a faculty father (biological or adoptive), and a faculty member of either gender whose same-sex domestic partner (as defined in the College's health plan) gives birth or adopts a child. Additionally, these policies apply when a child age 5 or under is placed for adoption with a full-time tenure-track or tenured faculty member, and when an eligible faculty member becomes the legal guardian of a child age 5 or under through a court order. In each of these cases, however, eligibility is contingent upon the faculty member being the child's primary caregiver during the semester(s) in which the course(s) reduction occurs.

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This policy can be modified or terminated at the discretion of the College, following consultation with Faculty Council.

Policy Maintained by: Human Resources, Associate Vice President
Last Reviewed: August, 2018