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Professional Development Leaves of Absence Policy for Administrators

Paid professional development leaves of absence may be pursued in order to enhance job knowledge and/or for job-related skill development, for the purpose of enhancing work performance. Leave may be requested for a variety of reasons, such as to enroll in professional development courses or workshops, to undertake appropriate internship experiences, or to complete appropriate research or degree requirements.

Paid professional development leaves of absence are made available for the benefit of the College. Such opportunities are granted at the sole discretion of the President, following a recommendation by members of the Senior Management Staff. Such leaves are not an entitlement or a fringe benefit.

Paid professional development leaves of absence may be provided to eligible employees for up to 12 weeks during a 10-year period. The 12 weeks need not be continuous.


A full-time member of the professional staff is eligible to apply for a professional development leave if he/she has been employed as a full-time, exempt administrator at Franklin & Marshall for a least 10 consecutive years.

"Administrators" are members of the professional staff who are not eligible for payment of an overtime premium. Exempt administrators appointed to full-time positions which are scheduled to work 39, 43, 48, or 52 weeks per year (9, 10, 11 or 12 months per year) are eligible to apply, if they've been employed in a full-time status as an exempt administrator for at least 10 consecutive years.

Members of the faculty are not eligible for leaves per this policy.

Salary and Benefits During an Approved Leave

Professional staff members taking an authorized paid professional development leave will receive full base salary during the approved leave period, and will retain eligibility for normal fringe benefits coverage.

Application Procedures

An eligible exempt member of the professional staff who would like to apply for a paid professional development leave must submit a written request. It is recommended the request be submitted several months prior to the anticipated start of leave. The written request is to include:

  • a specific description of the professional development activities in which the professional staff member plans to participate,

  • an explanation of how participation in such professional development activities will allow the staff member to better perform his/her job duties, and how such participation will benefit the College,

  • the length of leave requested, and whether it will be continuous or intermittent,

  • the dates the leave will begin and end, and/or a leave schedule if leave will be intermittent,

  • the staff member's suggestions regarding how his/her normal job duties can be completed during the leave period,

  • any other information the staff member feels is relevant.The staff member's written request is to be submitted to the staff member's department manager and his/her Senior Officer, with a copy to the Director, Human Resources. The application for leave will be reviewed by the department manager, appropriate members of the President's Senior Staff, and the President. The staff member's record of employment with the College, along with his/her written request for leave, will be considered. The professional staff member will then be notified whether the leave request is approved or denied. If the leave request is denied, the staff member may provide additional relevant information or a revised request.

The staff member's department manager will be expected to explain how the staff member's normal job duties will be performed if the staff member's leave is approved. It is the expectation of the College that costs associated with paid professional development leaves will be met within the normal department operating budget and/or the contingency funds provided to each Vice President.

Policy Maintained by: Human Resources, Associate Vice President
Last Reviewed: July 25, 2016