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Personal Time for Full-time Non-exempt Professional Staff

Full-time, non-exempt (hourly paid) employees are eligible for paid Personal Time as follows per fiscal year (July 1 through June 30):

immediately upon hire

16 hours per fiscal year

following completion of 2 years of FT employment

24 hours per fiscal year

upon completion of 15 years of FT employment

32 hours per fiscal year

Personal Time hours are prorated for employees working fewer than 8 hours per day.

As a general rule, staff are required to schedule personal days with a minimum of two days advance notice and at a time which is agreeable to their supervisor. Personal Time hours may be taken in increments as small as 2 hours, and as large as 12 hours for those working 12 hour shifts.

As of employment years 2 and 15, additional personal hours, per the schedule above, may be taken effective the July 1 of the fiscal year in which an employee's full-time College anniversary date falls (i.e., effective the July 1 immediately prior to the College anniversary date).

Personal Time hours may not be carried over from year-to-year, pay is not granted in lieu of taking Personal Time hours, and there is no payment for unused Personal Time hours at employment termination.

Leave Balances are available in MyDiplomat and are updated annually when the first pay period in the new fiscal year is paid, typically in late July.

Policy Maintained by: Human Resources, Associate Vice President
Last Reviewed: August 25, 2023