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Auto/Bicycle Registration & Parking Regulations Policy

Vehicle Registration Requirements

All members of the faculty and professional staff who plan to operate a motor vehicle (including car, truck, motorcycle, moped, or scooter) on campus are required to register their vehicle. There is no charge for registration, and more than one vehicle per person may be registered.

In order to receive an automobile registration decal, a member of the faculty or staff should access MyDiplomat, then go to the Transportation tab, which will guide you to the Parking Permit Instruction and Parking Permit Registration Information. After submitting the required information, the employee may visit the Department of Public Safety and bring his/her College ID and a Franklin and Marshall decal will be issued. The decal must be attached to the rear windshield in the lower corner on the driver's side of the vehicle. Only one parking decal may be displayed on a vehicle at a time. Vehicle registration is not transferable.

Whenever the license plate on a vehicle is changed, the Department of Public Safety must be informed.

It is advisable to register all bicycles brought to campus as the decal issued can be an aid in recovering a lost or stolen bike. Bicycles are to be ridden on driveways only, not on walks or lawns. Rules and regulations that govern motor vehicle traffic movement also apply to bicycles.

Parking Regulations

Parking regulations are established to provide as much parking as possible in paved areas and to allow safe passage of emergency vehicles, and access for maintenance and service vehicles. Formal action will be taken against owners of vehicles found to be in violation of the regulations.

  • Fire lanes must be kept open at all times. Signs designating fire lanes are usually white with red letters and rectangular in shape. The Department of Public Safety will take whatever measures are necessary to ensure that vehicles parked in fire lanes are moved as promptly as possible. The College has the right to tow illegally parked vehicles; the cost of the towing is the responsibility of the owner.

  • Handicapped spaces are reserved for employees and visitors with a handicapped placard. Any employee with a special parking need should provide medical verification to Human Resources.

  • Maintenance and service spaces are reserved only for Franklin & Marshall employees performing College work. Reserved spaces for dining services and health services personnel are not to be used by unauthorized College employees or students.

Policy Maintained by: Department of Public Safety, Associate Vice President for Public Safety
Last Reviewed: September 27, 2022