Clara S Moore Professor of Biology

Physiology; Developmental Biology; Genetics


B.S.  Biology,  cum laude, Honors in Biology,  Loyola College Maryland
Ph.D.  Biology, Human Genetics and Molecular Biology Program, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine


Mouse models for Down syndrome, effects of trisomy on cardiovascular, skeletal, hematopoietic, and other systems during development.

The focus of my research program is to investigate the disruptions during development in Down syndrome (DS) mouse models that contribute to neonatal lethality, pathological function, and abnormalities in the mice. We examine development of skeletal,  cardiac structures, immune system, and other organ systems to determine the etiology of prenatal, neonatal and adult phenotypes.

Grants & Awards

  • 2021-2025  Pennsylvania Department of Health Formula Grant SAP#4100088546. $12,969.
  • 2017  Benedict-Miller Foundation, Research Grant. $1000. 
  • 2016 - 2018   Lead P.I. Major Research Instrumentation: Acquisition of a laser scanning      confocal microscope to  support faculty-student collaborative scholarship at a research-intensive liberal arts college. National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation Grant, Division of Biological Infrastructure FAIN 1626073. $403,189. 
  • 2011 Benedict-Miller Foundation, Research Grant. $1000.   
  • 2007  Teaching Faculty Travel Grant, 68th Annual Meeting, Society for Developmental Biology. $500.
  • 2007 Teaching Faculty Travel Grant, Pan American Congress in Developmental Biology. Society for Developmental Biology. $700. 
  • 2006 -2010 Analysis of Cardiac Development in Ts65Dn Mice. NIH Academic Research Enhancement Award, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, 1 R15 HL081099-01. $189,948. 


Blazek JD, AM Malik, M Tischbein*, ML Arbones, CS Moore, RJ Roper. 2015. Abnormal mineralization of the Ts65Dn Down syndrome mouse appendicular skeleton begins during embryonic development in a Dyrk1a-independent manner. Mechanisms of Development 136:133-42.  Link to article

Lorandeau CG, LA Hakkinen and CS.Moore. 2011. Cardiovascular development and survival during gestation in the Ts65Dn mouse model for Down syndrome. Anatomical Record 294:93-101.  Link to article

Moore CS, C Hawkins, A Franca, A Lawler, B Devenney, I Das and RH Reeves. 2010. Increased male reproductive success in Ts65Dn "Down syndrome" mice. Mammalian Genome 21:543-549. Link to article

Williams AD, CH Mjaatvedt, and CS Moore. 2008. Characterization of the cardiac phenotype in neonatal Ts65Dn mice. Developmental Dynamics 237:426-435. DOI: 10.1002/dvdy.21416.  Link to article

Moore CS and RJ Roper. 2007. The power of comparative and developmental studies for mouse models of Down syndrome. Mammalian Genome 18:431-443. Link to article

Moore CS. 2006. Postnatal lethality and cardiac anomalies in the Ts65Dn Down syndrome mouse model. Mammalian Genome 17:1005-1012 with cover illustration. Link to article

Course Information

  • NSP/WGS 185 Impact of Reproductive Technology
  • BIO 200  Integrative Biology Lecture and Lab
  • BIO 220 Principles of Physiology and Development Lecture and Lab
  • BIO 230 Cell Biology Lab
  • BIO 306 Developmental Biology Lecture and Lab
  • BIO/PBH 355 Genetic Susceptibility Seminar
  • BIO/BFB 390/ 490 Independent Study in Biology
  • BIO 391 Directed Reading