Frank C Koczur Electronics Technician/Programmer




Frank is the Department's electronics technician and  software programmer. He designs, supports, and builds hardware and software systems for the Department's research activities. Students get to know Frank well, and appreciate his skills and attention to their needs.



FRANKLIN AND MARSHALL COLLEGE, Software Design on the Macintosh using C


MILLERSVILLE UNIVERSITY, Political Science, Introduction to Business, American History

THADDEUS STEVENS COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY, Associate Degree in Specialized Electronics Technology

Willow Street Vo-Tech, 2 year Electronics Communication Degree

CONTINUING EDUCATION Visual Studio Pro, Windows 7, C++, OSX,  Xcode, CMS, Content Management System, Crystal A/D converters, Robotic Trade Show, MRP II Investments in Excellence, Analog Devices Seminar, Intro to Statistics, Introduction To Multimate, Lotus 123, IBM CMS, Applied Robotics, Rechargeable Batteries, Physical Optics, HP Logic Analyzers, IEEE 488 Bus (GPIB), CAD/CAM PCB Design, Structured Programming C Programming, Pascal Programming, Pascal HP1000, Fortran Programming ,Basic Programming, Computer Manufacturing, Programmable Controllers, Intro to Computers, Programming Microprocessors, Microcomputer Fundamentals, TT4 Digital Troubleshooting, TT3 Digital ICs, TT2 Linear ICs, TT1 Transistor Course