Jessica G Cox Associate Professor of Spanish and Linguistics, Department Chair of Spanish

Keiper 211



Professor Cox received her Ph.D. in Spanish Linguistics (Applied) from Georgetown University.

Her scholarship has concentrated on learner-internal and external factors that affect second language learning, including previous language-learning experience, working memory, and the study abroad experience.  

Her current research focuses on the multifaceted nature of bilingualism and often includes collaboration with undergraduates. Follow the Bilingualism Lab on Facebook for updates!  

At F&M, she teaches language and linguistics courses.


Courses Taught in Spanish

  • SPA 201: Intermediate Spanish I
  • SPA 202: Intermediate Spanish II
  • SPA 221: Grammar, Composition, and Conversation
  • SPA 350: Español en los Estados Unidos (Spanish in the U.S.)

Courses Taught in English

  • CNX 177: Language & the 21st Century
  • LIN 101:   Introduction to Linguistics
  • LIN 205:   Multilingualism
  • LIN/PSY 207: Psycholinguistics (cross-listed with Psychology)