Jessica L Keech Assistant Professor of Marketing

Harris 113

About Jessica Keech

Jessica Keech is an Assistant Professor of Marketing. Her primary research interests are in consumer behavior with a specific focus in sustainable consumption and the impacts of technology on consumption. She teaches courses in marketing, digital marketing, and consumer behavior.


PhD, Business Administration, Marketing
Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
Fox School of Business

MBA, Marketing
Villanova University, Villanova, PA

BSBA, Marketing and Management Information Systems
Boston University, Boston, MA


Podoshen, J.S., Keech, J., Melkamu, E., and Zheng, S. (2023),“’It’s Always a Beautiful Day in the Villages’: Management Challenges for Large-Scale Retirement Communities,” Journal of Aging and Environment, pp.1-17.

Young, N. and Keech, J. (2022), “Second chance hiring: exploring consumer perception of employers who hire individuals with criminal histories,” Management Decision, 60(9), pp. 2389-2408.

Keech, J., Morrin, M., and Podoshen, J.S. (2020), “The effects of materialism on consumer evaluation of sustainable synthetic (lab-grown) products,” Journal of Consumer Marketing, 37(5), pp. 579-590.

Keech, J., Papakroni, J., and Podoshen, J.S. (2020), “Gender and Differences in Materialism, Power, Risk Aversion, Self-consciousness, and Social Comparison,” Journal of International Consumer Marketing, 32(2), pp. 83-93.

Onel, N., Mukherjee, A., Kriedler, N.B., Diaz, E.M., Furchheim, P., Gupta, S., Keech, J., Murdock, M.R., & Wang, Q. (2018), “Tell me your story and I will tell you who you are: Persona perspective in sustainable consumption,” Psychology and Marketing, 35(10), pp. 752-765.

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