Jun-Cheng Liu Arthur & Katherine Shadek Professor of Art



Office: HUE32


Jun-Cheng Liu was born in PR China where he completed his undergraduate and graduate studies at Lunxun Acadmy of Fine Arts, Shenyang, China. In 1986, the Robert Rauschenberg world tour exhibition in Beijing intrigued him with what he was then not familiar with, the "individual point of view." Moreover, it gave tremendous impetus to his interest in contemporary concepts and approaches in painting.  This awakening eventually brought him to the U.S. in 1992. American scenery has offered a new horizon for his artistic endeavor.  Most of his paintings made in the U.S. are reflections of conversations between him and so-called his shadow of self, about dislocation, and the urge to feel the solidity of reality, a story of an artist/teacher who is caught in between two great cultural and artistic traditions.


Professional Interests

As a painter and an art teacher, Liu is very enthusiastic about representational work and fascinated with conceptual art, and able to provide encouragement and guidance to students working in any area of their personal choice. He is also interested in introducing students to the creative potential generated from the interaction between Asian classic artistic concepts and Western contemporary creative approaches.