Marcus W Thomsen Professor of Chemistry


B.A. Luther College

Ph.D., University of Minnesota



My current research focuses on mechanistic organic chemistry. 

Some projects have involved study of the photochemical reactions of carbonyl compounds; e.g., photochemical acylation of rings and the photo-Cannizzaro reaction.

Also, some research has examined substituent effects on nucleophilic aromatic substitution reactions of substituted pyridines.


1995 - Present

(Undergraduate student coauthor are in bold.)

Yoder, C. H.; Leber, P. A.; Thomsen, M. W. The Bridge to Organic Chemistry: Concepts and Nomenclature; John Wiley & Sons: New Jersey, 2010.

Yoder, C.; Retterer, O.; Thomsen, M.; Hess, K. Interactive Chemistry: Models and Applications (an interactive, CD-ROM based text for introductory chemistry) [CD-ROM]; Academy Artworks: York, PA, 1999.

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Yoder, C. H.; Hess, K. R.; Thomsen, M. W.; Smith, W. D.  An Introductory Infrared Spectroscopy Experiment. J. Chem. Educ. 1995, 72, 655.


Courses Taught

CHM 111 - General Chemistry I: Picturing the Atomic World, Lecture & Lab

CHM 112 - General Chemistry II: Reactions in the Atomic World, Lecture & Lab

CHM 211 - Organic Chemistry I: Structure and Function of Carbon-Containing Compounds & Lab

CHM 212 - Organic Chemistry II: Reactivity and Synthesis of Organic Molecules & Lab

CHM 411 - Advanced Organic Chemistry