Mark S Silverman Assistant Professor of Economics


Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst 

J.D., NYU School of Law

B.A., Swarthmore College  


ECO 100: Introduction to Economic Principles

ECO 103: Introduction to Economic Perspectives

ECO 200: Intermediate Microeconomics

ECO 248: History of Economic Thought

ECO 360: Law and Economics 

Seminars and Presentations

“Conceptions of the ‘Natural’ in Neoclassical Thought: Walras, Clark and Jevons” at the Association for Economic and Social Analysis (AESA) Retreat, John Jay College of Criminal Justice (September 18-20, 2015)

“Cost-Benefit Analysis in Environmental Law” at New Thinking in Law and Economics, SUNY Buffalo Law School (June 23, 2015)

“Law and (Micro)Economics, Law and (Macro)Economics”  at Critiquing Cost-Benefit Analysis of Financial Regulation, George Washington University Law School (May 20, 2014)

Causation and Constitutivity: A Critical Appraisal of Marxian Overdetermination, presented at Rethinking Marxism Conference (November, 2009) and at the Eastern Economic Association (February, 2010) 

Rhetoric and Responsibility: The Ideological Effects of Naturalism in Economics, presented at the Eastern Economic Association, (February, 2011) and at the International Confederation of Associations for Pluralism in Economics (ICAPE) (November, 2011)


"Conceptions of the Natural and the Social in Walras's Economic Thought." Review of Political Economy (2021): 1-14.

“Overdetermined or Indeterminate? Remarks on ‘Knowledge and Class.’” (2013) Rethinking Marxism, Vol 23 (5)  pp 311-324

 “Minimum Wage Laws and Unemployment” in Law and Economics: Contemporary Approaches, co-edited by Mcluskey, M. Pasquale, F., Taub, J. (With McCluskey, M.)(Forthcoming)