Nick Kroll Associate Professor of Philosophy, Department Chair of Philosophy

Email:  Nick.Kroll@fandmDOTedu



About Professor Kroll


  • "Determinable Dispositions," in Powers, Parts, and Wholes, Oxford University Press, forthcoming
  • "Splitting Situations," Linguistics and Philosophy, forthcoming
  • Singular Thought and Mental Files. Volume co-edited with Rachel Goodman and James Genone. Oxford University Press. 2020.
  • "Passing Time," Erkenntnis 85 (1):255-268. 2020. 
  • "Fully Realizing Partial Realization," Glossa 3(1). 2018.
  • "Teleological Dispositions," Oxford Studies in Metaphysics, Volume 10 (2017). Winner of the 2014 Sanders Prize in Metaphysics. 
  • "Partial Manifistations," In Morphological, Syntactic and Semantic Aspects of Dispositions. Stuttgart, Germany: pp. 85-91 (2016).
  • "Progressive Teleology," Philosophical Studies 172 (11):2931-2954 (2015).
  • "On Bishops and Donkeys," Natural Language Semantics (2008) 16: 359-372.

In Progress

  • Undermining Williamson’s Modest Proposal
  • The Specific Yet Opaque in Situation Semantics
  • Telicity and Teleology 
  • Masking Knowledge

Grants & Awards

  • Sanders Prize in Metaphysics, 2014
  • Yale University Dissertation Fellowship, 2010-2011
  • Yale University Graduate Fellowship, 2006-2010
  • Tuition Award, Conditionals Summer School at Central European University, 2009
  • Travel & Tuition Award, The Ohio State University Workshop on Presupposition Accommodation, 2006
  • Sage Fellowship, Cornell University, 2004-2006
  • Research Award to attend LSA Summer Institute at MIT-Harvard, Cornell 2005 


  • "Determinable Dispositions," The Mereology of Potentiality. Durham University, UK. March 2020.
  • "Aimless Striving," Banff Workshop in Languange and Metaphysics," Banff, CA, February 2020. 
  • "Specificity and Structure in Dispositions," Oxford University, November 2019
  • "Splitting Situations," Semantics and Philosophy in Europe 11, Warsaw, Sept 2019
  • “Discoverability and Contestability in Social Constitution (of Gender),” with Bennett Helm, Social Ontology 2018, August 2018
  • “Telic Atelics,” Workshop on Metaphysics and Semantics of Aspect, F&M, April 2018
  • “Partial Manifestations," APA Pacific Meeting (colloquium paper), April 2017
  • "Partial Manifestations," Workshop on Aspect and Modality, Western Michigan University, April 2016
  • "Trivializing Williamson's Modest Proposal," International Conference on Williamson, Philosophy and Logic, Peking University. October 2015. 
  • "Dibble Dabbling in -ible, -able, and -ing,Workshop on the Morphological, Syntactic and Semantic Aspects of Dispositions. University of Stuttgart.  June 2015. 
  • "A Situation Semantics for Split Readings," ELLMM City. Yale University. October 2014.
  • "On Byrne's account of perceptual evidence," Perceptual Evidence Conference. Rutgers University, Camden, NJ. March 2014.
  • "Temporal Passage and Events in Progress,” APA Central Meeting (symposium paper), February 2014
  • “On Shellenberg’s ‘The Particular Elements of Singular Thought',” Rationality and Reference Conference,  Franklin and Marshall College, March 2013
  • “On O’Rourke and Rotschy’s ‘Against Speaker Intentions’,” Eastern Meeting of the American Philosophical Association, December 2011

Course Information

PHI100: Introduction to Philosophy

PHI244: Symbolic Logic

PHI272: Knowledge and Reality

PHI275: Topics in Metaphysics

PHI331: Free Will

PHI339: Philosophy of Language

PHI498: Philosophy Senior Research Seminar


Ph.D. in Philosophy, Yale University, 2012