Science, Economics, and Policy of Stream Restoration Practices (Ben Wright '22) (co-directed with Dorothy Merritts and Bob Walter)

Economic Analysis of Local Food Systems (Bennett Wasch '23, Kelsi Baird '23, Bharat Choudhary '22, Crew Fullerton '22)

Food and Agriculture in the Curriculum (Maddie Huelbig, '22, Max Sano '22, Bennett Wasch '23) (co-directed with Eve Bratman)

Stormwater pollution management & stated preference research design (Papa Yaw Owusu ‘19);

Willingness to pay for wetland & stream restoration through legacy sediment removal (Jacob Goodkin ‘19);

Nonmarket valuation of the benefits of wetland restoration at Big Spring Run (Jacob Goodkin '19, Fangzhou (Vicky) Wei '20)

Agricultural conservation among Amish farmers (Michael Morette ‘19);

Stormwater management in Lancaster city (Sally Rodenberger ‘18);

Environmental impacts of campus dining decisions (Yunhong (Mabel) Li '19, Esther White '17, Lea Senft '17)