Emergency Medical Services

F&M Emergency Medical Service (EMS) is a Basic Life Support (BLS) unit licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. We provide emergency response to the members of the F&M and surrounding Lancaster City community.

EMS Services

F&M EMS is staffed entirely by F&M students and recent alumni offering unmatched leadership opportunities and clinical experience unlike any other. 

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality service in everything we do. We demand the highest level of professionalism and standard of care from our providers. We respond to over 400 emergency calls each academic year, dispatched both internally and via 911. Our services include:

Emergency Coverage

A crew of Emergency Medical Technicians stands ready to respond to any on-campus medical emergency, as well as critical  911 calls in the F&M community every night at a minimum between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m.



On weekends (Friday and Saturday), we have two state-licensed QRS (Quick Response Service) units available to serve the campus and surrounding community. One unit is staffed by a Captain, one of our highest ranking clinical members. Our second unit is staffed by, at minimum, a Crew Chief and a second EMT. Additional tertiary units may also be called into service based on expected call volume.



On weeknights (Sunday through Thursday), we have one unit in service that is staffed by a duty officer and at least one other member, responding to calls in the truck.


Event Standbys

We provide standby coverage for sporting events and other activities that draw a large crowd or have potential for injury.


Our Coverage Area

Franklin & Marshall EMS provides emergency services coverage to the main FM campus, the Baker Campus, the Armstrong Campus, and F&M-approved off-campus housing, including College Row, the James Street Properties, College Hill Apartments, and all F&M affiliated fraternities, sororities, and theme housing. These areas are illustrated in green. In addition to this area, we respond to high priority (Class 1) emergencies in the surrounding Lancaster City areas, shaded in yellow. 

Contacting F&M EMS

In an emergency situation, we can be contacted by either calling 911 or by calling the Department of Public Safety at 717-358-3939. If you wish to contact us about a non-emergency issue, you can email us at ems@fandm.edu.

AED Locations on Campus

We have more than 50 AEDs located across campus. If you find yourself in the middle of an emergency, you can use this map to locate where an AED is available near you.

See a list of AED locations on campus

Are You EMT Certified? Join Us!

We are a small group that is always looking to expand with new ideas and dedicated members. If you’re an incoming or current F&M student or a recent F&M alumni, we welcome you to contact us and learn more about what we do.

With a Pennsylvania EMT certification

You must have a current Pennsylvania Department of Health-issued EMT (or higher) certification to operate as a clinical member. We currently do not accept EMRs. 

Following preliminary approval and testing, new members are placed in a probationary period lasting typically around one semester or until their skills and experience grow. After the probationary period, new members are eligible to be tested and, if approved, become full clinical members of the squad.


With an EMT certification from another state

Pennsylvania has a number of reciprocity agreements with neighboring states to allow those with an EMT certification in another to directly transfer their certification to Pennsylvania. If you are interested in joining and have a certification in another state, please contact us, and we can help you fill out and obtain the appropriate reciprocity paperwork.

Without an EMT certification

If you are not yet an EMT and you are interested in becoming one, we offer training protocols to help you become certified and grow your abilities in EMS. 


Squad Membership

The EMT Assistant position with F&M EMS allows students without EMS certifications to gain direct, hands-on exposure to patient care working with the squad throughout the school year.