College Houses

These are not your average dormitories. F&M’s College Houses are lively hubs of intellectual, extracurricular, and social engagement that not only give you a place to hang out, sleep, and study, but also provide you with your own special place to belong.

Your Home Away From Home

Blend the everyday joys of residential living (impromptu pizza parties, open-mic nights, pumpkin carving at Halloween) with meaningful moments of intellectual discovery (writing workshops, alumni guest lectures, all-night problem-solving sessions) and you’ll get F&M’s College Houses.

In these dynamic spaces, you’ll find a new way to work and play. You’ll take your first-year Connections course in your College House and continue conversations begun in the classroom, lab or office throughout your College House halls. You also have the opportunity to join your College House government and chart your own course for social events. Each House receives a substantial annual budget that students may spend on social programs, academic and community activities, special projects and more. Some students have organized:

The Houses

There are five College Houses: Bonchek, Brooks, Roschel, Ware and Weis. Each College House is assigned a faculty mentor (don) and administrative facilitator (dean).

Bonchek College House


We live together.
We learn together.
We laugh together.

Don: Christine Piro
Dean: Beth Proffitt


Brooks College House


Primus Inter Pares ("First Among Equals")

Don: Alexis Castor
Dean: Jedrek Dineros


Roschel College House


Hic Vivimus Et Crescimus (“Here We Live and Here We Grow”)

Don: Jorge Mena-Ali
Dean: Courtnee Jordan-Cox

Ware College House


Emitte Lucem et Veritatem (“Send Forth Light and Truth”)

Don: Justin Hopkins
Dean: Shuai Shao

Weis College House


Socii Mundi (“Compatriots With an Interest in the World”)

Don: Dorothy Merritts
Dean: Melissa Giess


F&M's Unique Housing System

Established in 2005, the College House system shapes the intellectual, social and physical landscape of the Franklin & Marshall campus. "It allows students to bond and connect with peers. It gives students a sense of belonging that stays with them throughout their four years at F&M. I have even met alumni who talk about their house," said senior Flavio Hinostroza Baldus, a house adviser from Pottstown, Pa.
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The Connections Curriculum

You’ll be assigned to your College House based on the interests you express for your first-year Connections course. F&M Connections courses are a true representation of the liberal arts, blending several academic disciplines to dive into a wide range of unique topics. You will take this course in your College House alongside classmates who live just down the hall.

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