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Items with asterisk (*) indicate potentially shared items. We recommend you wait to buy some common items until your roommate has been assigned. That way you can plan who brings what! Your housing application arrives in July, and your room assignment (including your roommate’s name and contact information) is communicated in August.

Items with two asterisks (**) indicate appliances such as iron, coffee pot, heating pad, curling iron that should be equipped with automatic shut-off.

As you plan what to bring, please remember that F&M is committed to reducing its collective impact on the environment through sustainable practices in all areas of campus. We encourage you to purchase fewer items, reuse them when possible, and choose recycled or other low-impact products when you can.

  • Bedding Items

    • Twin XL sheets (mattress is provided by the college)
    • Mattress cover
    • Mattress topper (please read the label on the mattress topper to be sure it complies with the federal standards concerning flammability)
    • Pillow and pillow cases
    • Blanket/comforter

    Personal Items

    • Towels/washcloths
    • Water bottle (there are fill stations located in all College Houses)
    • Shower supplies/shower caddy
    • Flip flops and bathrobe for the shower
    • Laundry supplies (washers require HE (high efficiency) detergent), reusable dryer balls, laundry basket or bag 
    • Tissues
    • Reusable water bottle. Discounts apply at Blue Line, LSP, and Mean Cup when using reusable coffee mug/thermos.
    • Umbrella/raincoat/rain boots
    • Reusable bag for shopping 
    • Alarm clock
    • First aid kit (please note there is a CVS Pharmacy is across the street, within walking distance of campus)
    • Storage bins
    • Bicycle/bike lock/helmet
    • Iron/Ironing board **
    • Coffee pot **
    • Heating pad **

    Room Items*

    • Lamp/Floor lamp (halogen lamps are prohibited) 
    • TV or monitor. Cable is not provided. 
      Learn how to use streaming services at F&M

    • Hangers 
    • Room cleaning products
    • Poster Putty or 3M Command poster products
    • Power strips/surge protectors
    • Area rug (runner or 5X8 only)
    • Fan (all rooms are centrally air conditioned)
    • Refrigerator — 1.8 cu ft. up to 4 cu ft. Energy Star refrigerators are permitted. You may also rent a microfridge combo unit from our preferred vendor.
      Learn more about microfridge rentals

    Academic Items 

    • Backpack/bookbag
    • Pencils/pens/highlighters
    • Notebooks & writing paper 
    • Note cards (various sizes)
    • Daily planner
    • Dry erase board *
    • Calculator (please note professors may require a specific model)
    • Additional common office supplies as needed


    • Computer
      • Special pricing for Franklin & Marshall students has been arranged with a variety of vendors for convenience. However, you may choose any computer made by any manufacturer you desire.
    • Ethernet cord (optional)

    Do Not Bring

    • Air fresheners — your roommate may be allergic
    • Candles/incense/oil burning lamps
    • Electric blanket 
    • Ethernet hubs/switches
    • Firecrackers, fireworks or explosives
    • Gasoline motors of any type and no storing of fuels such as gasoline or propane
    • Guns, ammunition, or weapons, including but not limited to knives, darts, and swords
    • Hot plates/hot pots
    • Microwave (most halls have an available microwave)
    • Mifi devices
    • Paint guns or BB guns
    • Personal printer. Learn more about F&M's printing services.
    • Pets (fish are permitted - max. aquarium size 10 gallon)
    • Power tools
    • Rice cooker
    • Single-use water bottles 
    • Upholstered furniture/ottomans/chairs, as all housing options are fully furnished
    • Wireless router
    • Wooden frame or metal lofts

Shipping & Storing Your Items

F&M has a partnership with Storage Scholars, a service that lightens the burden of moving and storage. Storage Scholars will ship boxes to your house for packing. Once the team receives your belongings, Storage Scholars will store them and later deliver them to campus so they’re ready and waiting in your room.

Learn more about Storage Scholars »