Off-Campus Study: Teresa Chappell '18

I had just arrived at the Seoul airport — one half of the way to my final destination. It was 5am and the usually bustling airport was a field of empty space, every now and then you would hear the...Franklin & Marshall College offers students a...

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Off-Campus Study: Cecilia Plaza '17

Last semester, I traveled to Pune, India to study public health and social entrepreneurship. Being a Sociology and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies joint major along with pre-law, I've...Franklin & Marshall College offers students a hands-on...

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Off-Campus Study: Emi Okikawa '17

For the first time since arriving in Japan, I got properly frustrated at my non-existent Japanese ability. It was early Wednesday morning, and I found myself frantically pawing at a Suica (commuter...Franklin & Marshall College offers students a...

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Off-Campus Study: Lillian Cai '17

During the Spring semester of 2016, I embarked on an independent journey to a foreign country thousands of miles from home to study abroad in a foreign university that I knew little about. Growing up...Franklin & Marshall College offers students...

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Off-Campus Study: Livia Nash '18

To say that I was apprehensive the week before May 17th, 2016 could not be more of an understatement. The night before my family and I drove to New York for my flight to Florence, Italy, I found it...Franklin & Marshall College offers students a...

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Off-Campus Study: Nick Henderson '17

My alarm clock rings, it's morning already, and I am hearing the same ringtone I have heard all semester. It's seven in the morning in Shanghai, and the sunshine bleeding through the thin curtains of...Franklin & Marshall College offers students...

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