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Driven By Passion: Classic Car Specialist Greg Duckloe '13

One clear strength of Franklin & Marshall College throughout its 235-year history is its outstanding alumni. Today, its living graduates number more than 29,000 and stretch around the world. They are leaders at every level, committed to successful careers and meaningful lives.

They also are determined to support F&M and one another, continuing their quest for knowledge as they create the way forward together. While graduates of any age are Diplomats Forever, many of those making a difference in their communities are under 40. Several are featured in banners across the Franklin & Marshall campus and on the Diplomats Forever website. In this series, we'll introduce you to a few of our many alumni making a difference.

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Like the classic cars he works with, Franklin & Marshall College grad Greg Duckloe's career has been anything but ordinary.

"I found my own way to the collector car industry, but F&M gave me the tools to succeed once there," said Duckloe '13, director of research & operations for private sales at RM Sotheby's, the world's leading classic car auction house.

An art history major at F&M, Duckloe didn't discover a passion for art until his senior year of high school in Bethlehem, Pa. That same year, he and his father (Frederick Duckloe '72) purchased a replica Shelby Cobra to build together.

They finished building the classic sports car just after Duckloe's college graduation — and just in time to launch his career.

"There's a tremendous amount of overlap between the classic car world and the fine art world," Duckloe said.

"As an art history major at F&M, I was often tasked with looking at an object, assessing it, thinking critically about it and writing about it. In my job, I do much of the same — but with rolling sculpture instead of paintings," he said.

Duckloe entered the industry as a copy editor at RM Sotheby's in Ontario, Canada shortly after graduation. Three years later, he moved to London to manage research and catalog production for RM Sotheby's European auctions. Following a brief stint at a specialist dealer in the U.K., Duckloe returned to Sotheby's for his current position.

Does Duckloe have a favorite ride?

"I've been very lucky to have experienced so many amazing cars so it's almost impossible to pick a favorite," he said.

But, if he had to choose — A 1964 Shelby 289 Cobra ("There's no car more fun to drive.") and a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT ("Porsche at its very best.") top the list.

Learn more about Duckloe's road to London.

What's a day on the job like for you?

Most days I'm working at our office in London, but my role means I collaborate with almost everyone in the company globally from marketing and sales to administration, logistics and the executive team, to make sure the private sales division is firing on all cylinders. I do spend a lot of time traveling to auctions and events where RM Sotheby's has a presence, as well as inspecting cars and overseeing photo shoots.

Tell me about your F&M experience. What path led you from F&M to your current job?

My F&M experience was fantastic both inside and outside of the classroom. I was involved in numerous extracurriculars including cross country, track and field, Phi Kappa Psi, and Ware House Parliament. I think those activities helped to provide experience in working together with different types of people to solve a variety of different tasks and problems. I found my own way to the collector car industry, but F&M gave me the tools to succeed once there.

Why did you choose F&M?

I chose F&M based on its combination of liberal arts curriculum, Division III athletics and size of student body. I received some interest from Division I schools for cross country and track and field, but didn't want athletics to own my life for four years, nor did I want to be at a DI-sized school. An F&M education allowed me to have an impact on campus in a variety of ways and to figure out what I wanted to do through taking a variety of interesting courses. That, and my dad is an alum (Frederick Duckloe '72), so that definitely played a part!

Any advice for students interested in your career field?

Be passionate and do whatever you can do to get involved! It never hurts to approach someone at an event or send an email to a company to see if they have any roles available. It's a great industry to be a part of and full of enthusiastic people, so a bit of enthusiasm and willingness to take part never goes unnoticed.

Alumni Master Class: Greg Duckloe '13

"I found my own way to the collector car industry, but F&M gave me the tools to succeed once there."

—Greg Duckloe '13


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