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Genesis Familia: Raising Others Through Philanthropy

For most, home is the place where they are raised. For Genesis Familia, it is also the place to give back by raising others. 

This summer, the Posse Scholar returned to New York City for an internship with Bloomberg Philanthropies in human resources and management. In addition to her overseeing managerial duties, Familia also contributed to hands-on philanthropic efforts like Gods Love We Deliver, an organization delivering packaged meals to the sick, and Material for the Arts, which provides New York City arts nonprofits, public schools and city agencies with access to free materials. The Bronx native shares more about her transformative experience here.

Genesis Familia
Genesis Familia ’24

Majors: Business and Psychology

Hometown: Bronx, N.Y.

Activities on campus: Senior class president, Senior adviser of S.I.S.T.E.R.S and Ware College House head house adviser

Please provide a summary of your summer experience. What is a typical day like? 

The Bloomberg Philanthropies internship program featured engaging activities such as speaker series, volunteering opportunities, and cultural events. No two days were alike in my day-to-day routine. Being a part of two teams during my internship involved many responsibilities that contributed to a rich and multifaceted experience.

Human Resources:

I had the privilege of coordinating and facilitating the Bloomberg Philanthropies summer internship program. This encompassed supporting events, managing communications, and overseeing various projects for a cohort of 23 interns. Additionally, I managed critical aspects of the recruitment process for two positions at the foundation using the Greenhouse platform. This involved overseeing resumes and cover letters, scheduling and conducting interviews, and ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for prospective candidates and hiring managers. I engaged in meaningful human resources tasks, including reporting, auditing, and research projects. These efforts were directed toward promoting compliance and driving initiatives related to diversity and inclusion.


I aided the management team by producing essential materials such as briefing documents and bios and preparing speeches. I also had the opportunity to contribute by providing on-site support for high-profile events, which added a hands-on element to my experience. Navigating the Salesforce platform was another facet of my role, where I effectively organized contacts, maintained lists for events, and managed external interactions with partners. 

What inspired you to take on this experience?

The catalyst for my interest came when I discovered the Asphalt Art Initiative, an inspiring arts program at Bloomberg Philanthropies, during a walk through Lancaster City. This initiative aimed to enhance the city's beauty and prioritized pedestrian safety through art installations. I was captivated by the idea of addressing real-world challenges while promoting local art and artists. Upon further research, I discovered that the organization's mission, values, and impact align closely with my aspirations. The guidance and resources provided by the Posse Foundation facilitated my exploration of potential pathways at the foundation, including the internship program. 

Has anything about this experience surprised you?

It was eye-opening to see how every piece of work I undertook, regardless of its scale or complexity, played a role in the organization's larger mission. Whether these tasks were part of a long-term strategy or contributed to immediate objectives, they all contribute meaningfully to Bloomberg Philanthropies' initiatives. 

What was your most meaningful memory from the internship experience?

The most cherished and meaningful memory I will carry from this internship experience is the incredible people I met. The value of community became abundantly clear as I connected with a diverse range of individuals, each leaving an indelible mark on my journey. The significance of these interactions extended beyond the professional realm. I also met so many remarkable F&M alums during the summer, [which] exemplified the strength of our school's network and showcased the inspiring paths our graduates have taken.

Equally nostalgic and heartwarming was the encounter with someone from my childhood, Charlie Pellet, the voice of the N.Y.C. train. The familiarity of his voice transported me back to countless subway rides and childhood memories. Meeting him in person was a surreal experience, reminding me of the deep connections we form with the world, even when we may not realize it. 

Why did you choose to attend F&M?

Connections to community:

The Posse Foundation was pivotal in introducing me to F&M and its unique attributes, which aligned perfectly with my educational and personal aspirations.

An emphasis on a liberal arts education:

The prospect of a well-rounded curriculum that encourages critical thinking, interdisciplinary learning, and intellectual exploration greatly appealed to me.

The small size of F&M:

The intimate campus environment fosters close relationships with professors, encourages meaningful peer interactions, and creates a sense of belonging. I value engaging in discussions, collaborating on projects, and receiving personalized guidance from experienced educators.

What are your post-graduation goals?

My post-graduation goals encompass exploring career opportunities in various fields, including human resources, marketing, and public relations. I am excited about the possibilities these areas offer and look forward to gaining more insight into their respective demands and dynamics.

While my exact path is still unfolding, I am confident about one aspect: my aspiration to contribute to a nonprofit or philanthropic foundation. The values of community and collaboration resonate deeply with me, and I am determined to find a professional environment that aligns with these principles.

Genesis also received asistance for interview preparation for her internship from the Office of Student and Post-Graduate Development (OSPGD).

“I met so many remarkable F&M alums during the summer, [which] exemplified the strength of our school's network and showcased the inspiring paths our graduates have taken.”

– Genesis Familia 

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