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The Most Cozy Campus Spots

In the depths of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer. - Albert Camus, "Return to Tipasa"

With spring break and warmer days just around the corner, it's important to stop and take pause. We asked students to share their favorite cozy campus spaces. From local cafes to academic lounge areas, see where students find respite from the cold days and long nights of winter.

1. Blue Line Cafe

Centrally located in F&M's historic Distler House, Blue Line is the top campus spot for coffee and conversation. Students enjoy beverages from Square One Roasters, a local coffee supplier committed to responsibly farmed, sustainably sourced coffee.

2. College House fireplaces

Did you know every F&M College House has a great room and fireplace? While not quite as enchanted as Hogwarts, these College House hearths are nothing short of magical. "I wind down almost all of my days just chilling with other students and house advisers by the fireplace and talking to people that come and go," says junior Darij Kulchyckyj, Weis house adviser.

3. Joseph International Center (JIC)

The colorful cushions, global decor and light-filled lobby of the JIC invite visitors to sit and linger. Home to weekly coffee hours, this space offers a "home away from home" for international students. All are welcome.

4. Phillips Museum of Art

Cozy isn't always about couches. Enjoy a change of scenery at The Phillips with jazz nights, artist talks, meditation sessions and other immersive experiences available to students and visitors. 

5. The Writers House

Curl up with your favorite novel at the Philadelphia Alumni Writers House. The space's surplus of books and signature sage-green cushions invite students to stop, read and reflect. Look closely, and you'll spot the names of famous authors adorning the ceiling trim.

6. Chem Lounge

Every scientist needs a break from beakers and microscopes. The chemistry lounge in Hackman Physical Sciences Laboratories offers respite from the rigors of lab work. After all, you can't spell "cozy" without cobalt (Co), Z boson (Z), and yttrium, right?

7. Mean Cup

Just a quarter-mile from campus, Mean Cup is a perennial favorite among students, professors and Lancaster locals. The cafe's modern, industrial vibe provides the perfect spot for both studying and socializing. Enjoy distinctive house-blend coffee flavors that vary daily.

8. Prince Street Cafe

This brick-walled, rustic coffee shop is a favorite downtown spot for students. Order house-blend coffee, soup and sandwiches and take in decor from local artists. Located a mile from campus, Prince Street Cafe is a stone's throw from two historic landmarks, the Fulton Theatre and Central Market.

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