Strategic Planning Committees

Committee on Strategic Progress

Dan Ardia, Biology

Lydia Brubaker, Finance & Adminstration

Jenn Buch, College Library

Alan Caniglia, Strategic Initiatives (co-chair)

Latosha Dexter, General Counsel

Cynthia Gorman, College Advancement

Arden Hitchcock, Class of 2024

Jorge Mena-Ali, Biology, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Gretchen Meyers, Classics (co-chair)

Lindsey Palumbo, Institutional Research

Scott Smith, Anthropology

Scott Vine, College Library

Implementation Groups

Individuals interested in contributing to the implementation process are encouraged to contact the Implementation Groups co-chairs to discuss opportunities to get involved.


  • Barbara Conner, Admission
  • Lee Franklin, Philosophy, Faculty Center (co-chair)
  • Brittany Grear, Provost's Office
  • Emily Marshall, Sociology, Public Health
  • Laura Medvic, Registrar's Office
  • Gretchen Meyers, Classics, Strategic Initiatives (co-chair)
  • Mary Osirim, Provost's Office
  • Amelia Rauser, Art History, Provost's Office
  • Jon Stone, German, Russian, and East Asian Languages
  • Chris Williams, Earth and Environment

Student Experience

  • Hillen Grason, Admission (co-chair)
  • Jessica Haile, International Programs
  • Kabi Hartman, English
  • Justin Hopkins, English, Writing Center
  • Lindsey Palumbo, Institutional Research
  • Christian Perry, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Drew Stelljes, Student Affairs (co-chair)
  • Sam Thiry, Student Affairs

Institutional Sustainability

  • Nic Auwaerter, Center for the Sustainable Environment
  • Alan Caniglia, Institutional Research, Strategic Initiatives
  • Shawn Curtin, Finance
  • Becky DeMatty, College Advancement
  • Latosha Dexter, General Counsel (co-chair)
  • Lina Fernandez, Finance
  • Sean Galloway, Finance (co-chair)
  • Eric Kopp, Financial Aid
  • David Merli, Philosophy
  • Carrie Rampp, Information Technology Services 
  • Barb Stambaugh, Communications
  • Mike Wetzel, Facilities Management

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • Melanie DeSantis, Human Resources (co-chair)
  • Gretchel Hathaway, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (co-chair)
  • Alison Hobbs, Student Affairs
  • Courtnee Jordan-Cox, Student Affiars
  • Jorge Mena-Ali, Biology
  • Christian Perry, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Carrie Rampp, Information Technology Services 
  • Kelly Schenke, Physics and Astronomy, Philosophy

Alumni, Parent & External Engagement

  • Cynthia Gorman, College Advancement
  • Kelseyleigh Hepler, College Communications, President's Office
  • Leslie Davidson, Enrollment Management
  • Kristen Krista, College Advancement
  • Amy Layman, College Advancement (co-chair)
  • Stephen Medvic, Government
  • Lauren Packer Webster, Athletics and Recreation
  • Donna Pflum, College Advancement
  • Marissa Sheaf, OSPGD
  • Barb Stambaugh, College Communications (co-chair)
  • Victoria Waddail, Admission