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In order to make a payment toward tuition, you must have authorized user access to a student account. Authorized user access allows a student to specify who can view billing statements, make payments online, and set up a payment plan.

The student account provides an up-to-date, detailed picture of the student tuition account activity for the current semester. With access, you can view all charges (tuition fees, housing, food & meal plans), financial aid credits, fines, etc., and stay connected to the billing and payment process. If you have been granted authorized user/proxy access by your student, you will immediately receive an email linking to the student's eBill.

Setting Up Authorized User/Proxy Access

We encourage all students to set up authorized user/proxy access for whomever is responsible for paying tuition bills, since bills are only made available online. F&M does not generate paper bills.

  1. Log into MyDiplomat. Please note that you will need your student's F&M user name and password in order to access MyDiplomat.
  2. If you're on a desktop computer, select "Navigation" in the blue bar at the top of the screen, then select "My Info."
  3. If you're on the MyDiplomat app on a mobile device, select "Menu" in the bottom right-hand corner, then select "My Info."
  4. Select the "Tuition Statement/Payment" icon.
  5. You've reached Transact Campus, our online billing and payment services system.
  6. Navigate to "My Account."
  7. Here you will find "Payers," which is where you can add the email of the person responsible for paying tuition bills. 

Log Into Your Student's Account

If you are an authorized user and have login credentials, you can view your student's eBill, make a payment, and/or set up a payment plan. Please note this login URL is for authorized users only and is not intended for student use. 

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