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Storage Scholars

F&M does not provide on-campus storage for students. Instead, we have a partnership with Storage Scholars, a service that lightens the burden of moving and storage. 

Founded by a college student, Storage Scholars offers a suite of features to ensure the most seamless storage process in the game. 

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Storage Scholars

How it Works

Storage Scholars: Student Storage Made Easy

They Supply 

Storage Scholars distribute free boxes and supplies right on campus so you can pack and safely store all your items.

Storage Scholars picks up your items

They Pick Up and Store

A hired, trained, fellow student ambassador will come grab your boxed items at a conveniently scheduled time for storage.

Storage Scholars Delivers

They Deliver

When you are ready to come back to campus, your items will be delivered and waiting for you in your new assigned location.

Storage Scholars Ships

They Ship

If you need to ship any items ahead of your arrival, you can sign up for Storage Scholars’ Ship to School program. Storage Scholars will ship boxes to your house for packing. Once the team receives your belongings, Storage Scholars will store them and later deliver them to campus so they’re ready and waiting in your room.

Why Choose Storage Scholars?

Why Choose Storage Scholars

Local Storage

There are local self-storage facilities that can provide flexibility for a student or a group of students that wish to store their belongings. Students are responsible for contacting the self-storage facilities to inquire about pricing and make arrangements for storage. It is the student’s responsibility to verify and investigate providers and services.

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