Center for the Sustainable Environment

The hub of sustainability efforts and initiatives at F&M can be found in the Center for the Sustainable Environment (CSE), a campus space committed to enriching the F&M experience through environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Advocating for a Sustainable World

The Center for the Sustainable Environment, or CSE, unites the many interests and initiatives relating to global environmental stewardship and sustainability on campus. The CSE space offers a seminar room, a field-work laboratory space, a community outreach room, office space, and a student commons. Our location close to the heart of campus offers an ideal hub for students, faculty and staff to engage in activities relating to our three main objectives: education, action, and example. 


Facilitating F&M’s dedication to excellence in undergraduate education, we work with faculty and students across all disciplines to offer sustainably-based lectures, seminars, research projects, outreach activities, and green living resources. Past programming at the Center includes a food composting workshop, wild food tasting, an environmental lecture featuring Jane Goodall, Green Cinema movie screenings, and sustainability campus tours showcasing the physical sustainable features of campus, including solar arrays, green roofs, and pollinator gardens, as well as the environmental studies and environmental science majors, the environmental pre-orientation program, and student environmental clubs.


A sustainable idea doesn’t have to remain just that. Sustainable efforts originate in all corners of campus, and we serve as a launchpad to bring these ideas to life. By coordinating sustainable efforts college-wide, we enhance F&M’s reputation as a leader in the community through the innovation, execution, and promotion of meaningful environmental stewardship. Recent initiatives include the Granola Bar, a resource at the Center for fighting food insecurity and food waste, and Meatless Mondays, a global movement operating in numerous colleges and universities in 36 countries around the world. Our campus adopted the policy after a student-led initiative. 


We lead by example. We strive to minimize our environmental impact. Our long term goal is to create sustainable practices and methodologies that can serve as a working model for other facilities on campus and across the broader Lancaster community. The Center itself features many environmentally friendly and sustainable features: carpets made from recycled plastic bottles and recycled car tires, reclaimed hardwood flooring, recycled cork flooring, American Clay walls, dual-flush toilets, and Mythic paint (non-toxic, zero-volatile organic compounds (VOC) paint).

An F&M student planting a tree

Sustainability at F&M

We’re committed to serving as a leader in building a sustainable world. We pride ourselves on looking at every possible angle to create a more sustainable future for both the campus and the world. Explore how we implement our sustainability master plan with initiatives that showcase the most recent advances in sustainable ideas and technology.

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Vegetables at the Center for the Sustainable Environment

Lancaster Community Resources

Are you a Lancaster community member hoping to learn more about sustainability? We’re proud to offer resources for neighbors who would like to live “green.”

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