Sustainability at F&M

We’re committed to serving as a leader in building a sustainable world, from our campus in Lancaster, to the surrounding community and beyond.

A Tradition of Conservation & Stewardship

“Franklin & Marshall College will become a leader in sustainability by enriching the environmental, economic and social well-being of our community.”

"We seek to minimize our use of natural resources, reduce our environmental impacts, and educate ourselves and others about the roles and responsibilities of citizens in a world of finite resources."

—Franklin & Marshall Sustainability Master Plan

We’re proud of our long tradition of conservation and environmental stewardship, and continue to create opportunities for all in the College community to demonstrate leadership in sustainability. In October 2012, we adopted a sustainability master plan to outline goals, strategies and tactics based on current best practices to create a culture of sustainability throughout the campus.

Ongoing Initiatives

Green Roof on Hackman (chemsitry building)

Constant Improvement

We pride ourselves on looking at every possible angle to create a more sustainable future for both the campus and the world. Explore how we tap into current advances in sustainable ideas and technology to tangibly improve our campus and community.


Getting Involved

At F&M, we have a unique opportunity to create a community of leaders in sustainability in and out of the classroom. In addition to engaging with our initiatives across campus, there are numerous ways for students to get involved with sustainability at F&M. 


The liberal arts tradition blends seamlessly with the sustainability movement. F&M offers several fields of study that explore the planet and humanity’s role in it, with many professors sharing their research and insight on a greener planet. Each major is designed to thoughtfully engage you with concepts and issues related to the earth and its environments through coursework, laboratory and field study, and research.

Fair Trade Cafe lunch


Many students engage in extracurricular activities to extend their sustainability efforts beyond the classroom, including: 

  • First-Year Outdoor Orientation Trip (FOOT), a pre-arrival program for incoming first-years during which students backpack along the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania for four days.
  • GreenMail, a student-produced newsletter centered on environmental issues.
  • Environmental Action Alliance, a student-led organization of environmental activists, researchers, and advocates that engage in numerous sustainability and awareness initiatives.
  • The Fair Trade Café, which offers grilled cheese and vegan soups every Wednesday, bringing students, faculty, and professional staff together over great food and discussion. The café is run by students and sources the food locally from sustainable producers.
  • The Sustainability House, a residential option for students of all backgrounds pursuing progress over perfection in more environmentally conscious living.

Meet the Team

The Sustainability Committee is tasked with helping the College continue pushing forward as leaders in environmental stewardship.

Meet the members

Center for the Sustainable Environment (CSE)

F&M’s Center for the Sustainable Environment (CSE) unites the many interests and initiatives relating to global environmental stewardship and sustainability on campus. The Center coordinates efforts to enrich the F&M academic experience with concepts of environmental stewardship and sustainability.

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Get in Touch

We want to hear your suggestions! Let us know your ideas for making F&M a more sustainable place.
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Sustainability at Work

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