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Donors Make the Difference

Franklin & Marshall College would not be what it is today without the loyalty and generosity of our alumni, parents and friends. Contributions to the College directly support our mission of excellence in liberal arts education by providing the resources necessary to sustain the entire life of the College, from the recruitment of talented students and exceptional faculty, to world-class research opportunities, scholarship initiatives, students' personal and professional development programming, the beautification of our historic campus, and more. We are eternally grateful for your dedication and support.


F&M Giving and Recognition Societies

The Kite & Key Circle

The Kite & Key Circle celebrates and honors the donors whose cumulative gifts to Franklin & Marshall College total $10 million or more. 

Evoking the soaring kite and shining key associated with College namesake Benjamin Franklin’s most famous experiment, the Kite & Key Circle represents the vision, dedication and transformative impact of Franklin & Marshall’s most benevolent philanthropists. Kite & Key Circle members leave an indelible mark on the College, ensuring that the generosity of the College’s fervent champions upholds and elevates a legacy of excellence for generations to come.

Lux et Lex Society

The Lux et Lex Giving Society recognizes donors whose cumulative gifts to Franklin & Marshall College total $5 million or more.

In 1853, Franklin & Marshall College adopted Marshall’s motto, “Lex et Lux” (Law and Light), but reversed the words to reflect, in order, the achievements of inventor and founding father Benjamin Franklin and jurist John Marshall. The light, from the motto, and the cupola, representing the vision of the College, are shown on the medal for this society, expressing the exceptional impact of the philanthropic support provided by these esteemed supporters today and into the future.

Founders Society

The Founders Society recognizes donors whose gifts to the College total $1 million or more.

Established in 1997, the Founders Society honors Benjamin Franklin as the first contributor to the College; his gift of 200 British pounds remains in the endowment today. Our most generous donors follow in Franklin’s footsteps and are inducted annually into the society. The College is deeply grateful to these donors for their unparalleled support for Franklin & Marshall College.

Tow'r and Bell Society

The Tow'r and Bell Society recognizes the generous donors whose cumulative giving to Franklin & Marshall College totals $500,000 to $999,999.

The phrase "tow'r and bell" is found in the second verse of the Franklin & Marshall alma mater — written more than 100 years ago — and is a fitting name for this group of exceptional supporters.

John Marshall Society

Members of The John Marshall Society have provided significant support to all areas of the College, including endowment, capital projects and the Franklin & Marshall Fund. The College is fortunate to have a growing number of alumni and friends who have made lifetime gifts totaling $100,000 or more. Their exemplary generosity is deeply appreciated. 

Schnader Society

The William A. Schnader Society honors and celebrates the individuals who have demonstrated a special commitment to Franklin & Marshall College through gift planning. This includes bequests via will, charitable trusts, charitable gift annuities and retirement plan beneficiary designations. These gifts ensure that the generous legacy of our alumni and friends lives on for generations. The College is forever grateful to those who demonstrate such lasting support.

Learn more about Gift Planning and how you can make F&M part of your legacy.

Benjamin Franklin Society

The Benjamin Franklin Society celebrates the strong annual support of Franklin & Marshall’s alumni, parents and friends. Beginning with a gift of $1,787 that commemorates the College’s founding year, these supporters' leadership role advances the College. Just as Benjamin Franklin's gift of 200 British pounds was critical to the College's history, the gifts of Benjamin Franklin Society members are critical in shaping Franklin & Marshall's future.

Learn more about membership in The Benjamin Franklin Society.

1787 Society

The 1787 Society at Franklin & Marshall College celebrates the importance of sustained commitment to F&M by recognizing the generosity of loyal alumni who have given to the College in consecutive years. Loyal donors make possible the work of Franklin & Marshall College by providing the resources necessary to advance the College's mission of excellence in liberal arts education. We are deeply grateful for the dedication of our 1787 Society members.

Membership Criteria

Alumni who make gifts to the College in two or more consecutive years are eligible for membership. To sustain your membership, continue to make annual gifts to Franklin & Marshall College.