F&M Stories

At Franklin & Marshall College, we connect our students with extraordinary opportunities so they can accomplish great things in their four years on campus. Here are just a few of their stories.


'Dance Brought Me to Life': Meet Kendall Lipham '23

As winter break comes to a close, a group of thespians is hard at work rehearsing the first Franklin & Marshall production of Meet sen Kendall Lipham, director of the latest F&M Players musical theater production

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F&M Mourns the Loss of Former Interim President and Longtime Trustee John F. Burness '67

John F. Burness '67, former interim president for Franklin & Marshall College and longtime F&M trustee, died Monday, Dec. 19. He was 77. Burness served on the Board of Trustees for 12...Franklin & Marshall College offers students a hands-on education...

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F&M Launches the American Liberal Arts Classroom

Franklin & Marshall College is launching a distinctive English-language immersion program for international students from highly-regarded international institutions. The American Liberal Arts...F&M is launching the American Liberal Arts...

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Winter Graduate Spotlight: Erin Maxwell Follows a Family Legacy

At age 6, Franklin & Marshall senior Erin Maxwell attended her first protest. A passion for civic engagement has followed since. Meet the editor of The College Reporter.

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Election Season at F&M

When Franklin & Marshall junior Liz Joslin began interning for Josh Shapiro, she never expected to go viral on TikTok alongside Pennsylvania's Governor-Elect. The video — a clever take on a...When F&M student Liz Joslin began interning for Josh...

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Rouse Scholar Turns Adversity into Curiosity

Stricken with a mysterious illness in high school, Franklin & Marshall sophomore Sara Beqiraj took adversity and spun it into curiosity. That perspective is what put Beqiraj, a pre-med student...Made possible via a generous gift by Andrew Rouse '49,...

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Sana Rafi '06 Delves Into Her Childhood to Bring Authenticity to Her Writing

One clear strength of Franklin & Marshall College throughout its 235-year history is its outstanding alumni. Today, its living graduates number more than 29,000 and stretch around the world. They...Franklin & Marshall College offers students a hands-on...

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Students Decode Zoom Gestures

A team of Franklin & Marshall College students combed through six hours of Zoom class footage to identify gestures exhibited by participating professors and students. The results were...A team of F&M students combed through hours of Zoom class footage...

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A Burning Passion for Anthropology

A childhood spent growing up around Native American artifacts unearthed in her backyard left F&M senior Madison Fortier with an abiding interest in archaeology.

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F&M Compost Co-Op Diverts Costs and CO2 in Lancaster

A Franklin & Marshall College compost initiative has evolved into a co-op saving the City of Lancaster $5,215 per year — all while diverting 16,638 pounds of food waste from the solid-waste...The Lancaster Composting Co-Ops (LCC) has grown to 250...

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Making Connections: Exploring the Role of Emotion in Music with Karen Leistra-Jones

A distinctive feature of the first-year academic experience at Franklin & Marshall College are the discussion-based seminar courses called Connections. Students are assigned to these 16-peer...The Connections Course introduces first-year students...

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Searching for 'Cosmic Lighthouse' Signals

Six Franklin & Marshall College students, using decades old data, are searching the sky for elusive pulsars, which spin as much as 100 times per second while sending pulsed radio signals....Franklin & Marshall College offers students a hands-on education...

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