F&M Stories

At Franklin & Marshall College, we connect our students with extraordinary opportunities so they can accomplish great things in their four years on campus. Here are just a few of their stories.


F&M Poll: COVID-19 Returns as PA Voters' Big Concern

COVID-19 has again surged to the top of voters' concerns after nearly flattening in June, according to the most recent Franklin & Marshall College Poll. The 17% of respondents who say the virus...Franklin & Marshall College offers students a hands-on...

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Summer Research in Lancaster City's Rain Gardens: A Photo Collection

Franklin & Marshall's biology lab conducts research with real-world impact on the College's home city of Lancaster. This past winter, a group of students trekked into Lancaster City for a...Biology lab studies environmental science and ecohydrology...

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Four F&M Alums Awarded National Science Fellowships

Four Franklin & Marshall College alumni recently received National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships to advance their graduate work. They shared their thoughts about how F&M prepared them for graduate school and offered some advice...

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Students Gain Hands-On Public Health Experience

Senior Sydney Wieczkowski has already put her public health degree to work before even graduating from Franklin & Marshall. The Hackman Scholar spent five weeks of her summer researching lead...A faculty-student research team at F&M has paired with...

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Alumni Gifts Support Black Cultural Center

A trio of alumni donations to the F&M Black Cultural Center ensures that students have a space to host events, study, and connect.

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Weaving Lancaster's Rich Farming Community into the Classroom

Three environmental studies and government students research how to incorporate Lancaster County's farming industry into F&M's curriculum. Franklin & Marshall College is tucked in the...Environmental studies and government students research and collaborate...

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Left Behind: Research Highlights Immigrant Hardships During COVID

F&M junior Yuliana Tamayo uncovered the unique economic hardships endured by immigrants in Lancaster during the height of the pandemic.

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F&M Students Examine Creativity, Innovation and the Future of Work

If at first you don't succeed, try again — and again. A cohort of 16 Franklin & Marshall students learned the value of resilience — among other traits — during an immersive summer program...

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F&M Student Lands on Lancaster's World War I History

During World War I, parachutes were used to drop flares that illuminated trenches and nighttime vehicle movement on the warfront. The silk for those parachutes came from one of the largest silk mills...Student and history professor study Stehli Silk...

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Student Researcher Helps Develop Tool for Biochemists

Proteins are composed of amino acids and are macromolecular, one-one millionth the size of a golf ball. Small but mighty, they function inside the cell as the machinery running critical biological...F&M student chemistry research

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Mapping the Immigrant Past in Cities

The black dots that the student researchers placed on the street map of Philadelphia represent buildings where immigrants of the late 19th and early 20th centuries lived and prayed. Franklin & Marshall College offers students a hands-on education...

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Beloved Professor Earns Distinguished Service Award

From his office in Gerhart House to the provost's office in Old Main to classrooms around the Franklin & Marshall campus, the spirit of Michael Billig looms large. Franklin & Marshall College offers students a hands-on education that emphasizes close...

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