F&M Stories

At Franklin & Marshall College, we connect our students with extraordinary opportunities so they can accomplish great things in their four years on campus. Here are just a few of their stories.


Forging the Path for Those Who Come Next

Franklin & Marshall College's True Blue Network connects a student to an alumnus and the internship of his dreams. Aspiring anesthesiologist and public health major Curtis Mark used the True Blue Network to discover an internship with Dr. Michael...

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Always Handle Reptiles With Care

A research project to evaluate whether positive human interactions could improve the welfare of leopard geckos led to questions in Franklin & Marshall College's Biological Foundations of Behavior...Franklin & Marshall College offers students a hands-on...

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Who Owns Culture? Historian Examines Art Restitution and Colonialism

The trove of Benin's opulent palace art can be found in museums across the globe. Everywhere, that is, except Benin. Art historian Marie-Cécile Zinsou is working to change that. Her Franklin...Who owns culture? Art historian Marie-Cécile Zinsou...

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Students Explore the Whimsical World of Gianni Rodari

Four Franklin & Marshall students have collaborated to create a celebration of literature, theater and Italian language. Every night, traveling salesman Signor Bianchi calls his daughter from a...Franklin & Marshall students translate the whimsical

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Diplomats Abroad Overcome Pandemic Challenges

Despite the waxing and waning of the pandemic’s intensity last fall and early winter, four F&M graduates reached their destinations abroad and begin their teaching fellowships.

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Behind the Lens of the Civil Rights Revolution

A new photo acquisition at Franklin & Marshall College provides a rare glimpse into Danny Lyon's documentation of civil rights activism. Franklin & Marshall has acquired Danny Lyon's photography series documenting the Student Nonviolent Coordinating...

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Winter Visual Arts Center Wins 2020 Best of Design Award

The fall 2020 opening of the Susan and Benjamin Winter Visual Arts Center put a spotlight on Franklin & Marshall's dynamic art programs and esteemed faculty. The College's commitment to the...Franklin & Marshall's Winter Visual Arts Center has earned...

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Language's Power in Students' Lives

Telling stories via video about a time when language was important in their lives gave a group of Franklin & Marshall first-year students some unexpected personal insights. Franklin & Marshall College offers students a hands-on education that emphasizes...

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International First-Years Begin Their F&M Journey Abroad

After their final months of high school were disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, incoming college first-years wondered: Would their college experience start off the same way? Across the country, they...Franklin & Marshall College created five cohorts...

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Campus Musical Brings the Big Stage Outside

This story is part of our #FandMArts series documenting how the campus community continues to bring the arts to life in a virtual setting. It was only fitting that Franklin & Marshall College's...See how F&M theatre put on an outdoor performance of

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Providing New Perspectives on Policy Making

It's no secret that humans are complex; the study of their adherence to policy is even more so. Franklin & Marshall senior David Yang has spent much of the past year developing a new...Benjamin DiCicco-Bloom & F&M senior David Yang has spent much...

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Winter Visual Arts Center Opens Doors, Crosses Boundaries

After five years of dreaming, conceptualizing, planning, and constructing, a much-anticipated vision has come to life. This fall, the Susan and Benjamin Winter Visual Arts Center at Franklin & Marshall College opened its doors.

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