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The College Policies website provides a convenient place to access College-wide policies. Policies are categorized by chapter for easy navigation. You may also search for policies by keyword or phrase, using the search box.  Individual policies may be printed through the browser's print function.

Policy Approval Process

All proposed new policies and changes to existing policies must be submitted and approved in compliance with the policy on College Policy Development and Management.

The Committee on College Policy Development (CCPD) is a team that works in partnership with policy owners to properly vet policies and ensure that they are aligned with the College’s mission and goals.  See F&M Policy Development Training for more information (F&M login required). If you have any questions about College policies, please contact the Office of General Counsel at

Draft Policies

The CCPD is accepting comments on the following draft policies until Monday, December 11, 2023:

Acceptable Use Policy and User Agreement (revised)
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Policy (revised) -- and FAQ
ADA Grievance Policy and Process (new)
Gift Card and Cash Equivalents Policy (new)

Please use the Comment Form for Draft Policies to submit comments.

The Policy Owner​ for each draft, in consultation with the Committee on College Policy Development (CCPD), will take comments under advisement and implement any necessary changes to the draft policy based on the comments received. The proposed final drafts will then be sent to President Altmann for approval. Please contact with any questions.

Human Resources Policies

Employee Relations Policies

Health & Wellness Policies

Hiring & Position Policies

Leave Policies

Pay Policies

Time Off Policies


Athletic Facilities Use Policy

Common Hour Policy

Gift Publicity Policy

Guest House Policy

Media Relations Policy

Parking and Tailgating Policy

Photography/Publishing Rights & Permissions Policy

Policy and Guidelines for Promotional Requests

Policy for Filming & Photography

Public Demonstrations and Protests Policy

Publicizing Grants Policy

Visual Identity Guide (Style Guide)